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Free Tote Pattern
- by Dianne Prather -

Enjoy My Free Tote Bag Pattern!
It is free for you to use however you wish - Be Creative

This is a very easy, quick project pattern that turns out a beautiful totebag you can embellish in hundreds of ways. Use your imagination to make unique gifts and to use your scrap fabrics and trims to create a new bag for every mood!

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  • STEP 1.- GATHER YOUR MATERIALS & SUPPLIES - Here's what you will need (Click image to see a larger version)

Free Tote Bag Supplies

  • Fabric & Interfacing - 1/2 yard each of two coordinating fabrics for body and a piece of fabric large enough to cut two straps measuring at least 25' x 4'' for straps, and a coordinate large enough to cut two pockets measuring 8" x 9.5", 1 yard fusible interfacing (choose medium weight or appropriate weight interfacing depending on your fabric weight).
  • Notions & Supplies - Scissors for cutting fabric and for cutting paper, ruler, thread, pins, chalk to mark seam lines and dots, velcro closure or magnet closures (optional), brown kraft paper or other transfer cloth or paper to cut pattern pieces from)

Pink October Tote Bag Pattern Body

  • STEP 2.- CREATE THE PATTERN PIECES - Make tote body pattern from paper: measure and cut out a 12" tall by 15" wide rectangle and notch a 1 & 1/2" square out of each of the bottom corners as shown above. Mark the pattern piece as I have in the photo with dots at the corners where the 5/8" seam allowances cross. Make sure to lay the pattern so that the grain of the fabric runs lengthwise. Mark your pattern with the grainline.
  • To make the tote strap pattern piece from paper, measure and cut out a 25" to 28" long by 4" wide pattern piece. To make the pocket pattern piece, measure an 8" wide by 9.5" tall rectangle. Mark 1.5" foldmark at top of pocket pattern piece and mark 5/8 inch stitching lines on all pattern pieces.

Pink October Tote Pieces

  • STEP 3.- CUT OUT YOUR TOTE &INTERFACINGS - Cut 2 body pattern pieces from each of two coordinating fabric pieces. Two for the outer shell and two for the inner shell (lining). Cut two strap pattern pieces and two pocket pattern pieces from desired coordinating fabrics.
  • Cut 2 body pieces and 2 pockets from interfacing. You may choose to use interfacing on the straps depending on the weight of your fabric. If the fabric is heavy enough, it will hold it's shape after the folding and sewing on the straps is complete without interfacing.

Pink October  Tote Interfacing

  • Fuse interfacing to back side of outer shell body pieces and pocket pieces with a steam iron according to fusible interfacing directions.
  • Mark circles with chalk or a marking pencil on body pieces at the notched corners and at the top edges where you want to place the straps
  • Turn under 1/4 inch on top edge of pockets and press, then turn under and additional 1.25" to form pocket facing. Press. turn in on sides and bottom of pockets 5/8" and press.

Pink October Tote Corner

Pink October Tote Pockets 1

  • STEP 5.- OPTIONS - Before beginning to sew pieces, if you plan to use velcro or magnetic closures you will want to sew or attach those to the lining pieces, being careful to center them and placing them about 1.5" from top edges. Also if you plan to add any trim that needs to be sewn to the top edge so that the seam allowence covers the seam allowance of the trim you will want to add those embellishments before sewing the main pieces together.

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